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A deeper clean

A deeper clean

QLEANTAB cleans your home, your windows,

and the world outside them.

QLEANTAB cares for your surfaces, your

bathtub, your windows, your floors, your hands,

your eyes, your lungs, your recycling bin … and our


It’s time to clean up

Think of every time you’ve ever mopped, scrubbed, or polished your home.
From the once-a-year spring cleans to the daily spills. That’s a lot of toxins,
a lot of plastic waste.

While there are still muddy paws, sticky fingers, messy meals, and rain-soaked guests, there will still be cleaning to do. QLEANTAB is here to make it greener.

The QLEAN way

Instead of single-use plastic, you get one aluminium bottle which lasts for life. In place of harsh chemicals, you use planet-friendly but powerful ingredients to clean your home. And forget needlessly shipping water halfway round the world. Bring low-emission, low-waste QLEANTAB tablets to life with nothing more than water from your tap.

  • Reusable, recycled aluminium bottles

  • Powerful natural ingredients with essential oil scents

  • Minimal, responsibly

    sourced packaging

  • Every product sold helps


How it works

One bottle. Endless refills. No waste.


Fill your bottle with tap water.


Add a tablet, allow to dissolve (see times below).


Replace cap and spray.


Fill your bottle with tap water.


Add a tablet, allow to dissolve (see times below).


Replace cap and spray.

10 min
Hot water
15 min
Warm water
20 min+
Cold water
Optimally pH balanced
Essential oils
Made in the EU

Inside the Tablets

Everything in or on earth is made up of chemicals. Some are natural, others synthetic. Some are harmful, others are not.

QLEANTAB products are carefully made with chemicals which are not harmful, to us or our planet. Each one has been optimally pH balanced to provide effective cleaning power, scented with essential oils and eco-frangrances, and pressed into effervescent tablets that weight less than ten grams each.

The end result? Safe, gentle cleaning products that work, smell great, and don’t pollute.

1. Optimally pH balanced
2. Essential oils
3. Eco-frangrances
4. Made in the EU
Durable design
EU-made 100% post-consumer recycled aluminium
Varnished exterior for longevity
Lightweight and easy to use
Interior coating protects both product and bottle

Bottles built to last

We thought long and hard about our bottles. They need to work hard and last long. Glass is heavy. Plastic pollutes. But aluminium has benefits that far offset its impact.

It’s lightweight, durable, hygienic, non-toxic, and endlessly recyclable. An aluminium bottle is for life, not just for cleaning day.

What’s more, we use recycled aluminium, which consumes 95% less energy than from-scratch aluminium.

1. Durable design
2. EU-made 100% post-consumer recycled aluminium
3. Varnished exterior for longevity
4. Lightweight and easy to use
5. Interior coating protects both product and bottle

No toxcins. No water. No single-use plastic bottles.

These components aren’t and will never be part of our products.

  • Nature-harming


  • Irritants or cancer-

    causing compounds

  • Toxic


  • Single-use

    plastic bottles

  • Water


Lockdowns, little hands,
and a love of dinosaurs

Hi, I’m Philip, founder of QLEANTAB and QLEAN NATION.

With a family of five, something always needs cleaning around the house. When the pandemic put us all into lockdown, the reality of this hit home. For months, we had the same routine day-in day-out. Playing, cooking, and endlessly cleaning.
One day, while cleaning the house from top to bottom, we started asking questions. Why were we still using products which had badly irritated our daughter’s hands? Why did the smell of our kitchen cleaner make my eyes water?

When we stopped for lunch, the pile of bottles for the recycling bin had grown substantially. Our oldest son, a committed dinosaur fan, chimed in. For him, it was the fact that animals which have survived since the age of the dinosaurs were being killed by all the plastic we threw away. And he’d just helped us throw 15 bottles into the recycling bin.

And so QLEANTAB was born. Gentler, kinder, more sustainable cleaning products that aren’t disposable or packaged in plastic bottles.

Our family’s journey to be more mindful of our planet has just begun. We hope you’ll join us!




QLEANTAB makes every-day products that do less harm to you, and our planet. All our products are formulated in-house from ingredients that are not toxic to our planet, and safe for you. We've started with cleaning products, because we all clean, every day, whether we like it or not.


QLEAN NATION is QLEANTAB's sister foundation. Funded through the sale of every QLEANTAB product, it aims to invest in our shared future by reversing some of the damage done to our planet through to plastic, water, and air pollution.

Where can I find the ingredients you use in your products?

You can find the ingredients used in each product on the product page. All ingredients selected for use in QLEANTAB products are not harmful to you, your environment, or our planet.

Are QLEANTAB products safe to use around children?

Yes. All of our products are formulated without volatile organic compounds, and as such are safe to use around children. As with all cleaning products however, the products should never be left within reach of unsupervised children.

Is QLEANTAB packaging recyclable?

Yes. All our packaging is fully recyclable, and our paper packaging is made from FSC certified materials.