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Sustainable by purpose

and design

Sustainable by purpose and design

Our commitment to the UN SDGs

Our commitment to sustainability

& the SDGs


Made from 100% biodegradable ingredients, QLEANTAB products do not contaminate and meet the strictest environmental and health standards.


All our packaging is easily recyclable and FSC certified where possible, our bottles are made from post-consumer recycled aluminium, and our products save planetary resources by design.


With products that weigh just a few grams, QLEANTAB's CO2 emissions are extremly low when compared to traditional cleaning products.

How we operate, how we're improving
  • All our suppliers and partners share our vision and values, adhere to our Code of Conduct, and have clear sustainability credentials and certifications. Next, we plan to make sure their suppliers and partners do also.
  • We’ve started measuring our CO2 for SCOPE 1/2/3, and are developing a clear CO2 reduction strategy.
  • Our packaging is currently 100% easily recyclable. We aim to also make it 100% recycled.
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CSR Collaborations

Soon, we’ll be launching CSR collaborations through QLEAN NATION. Partner with us in environmentally beneficial projects, and add value to your teams, customers, and stakeholders.